April 10, 2010

Checkmate For Adobe Flash On iPhone 4.0?

Apple has made yet another attack in its ongoing war on Flash. The iPhone 4.0 developer agreement says that apps will not be approved unless they are built using Apple’s development tools. Those who use third-party tools, like Adobe’s Flash-to-iPhone compiler will be out of luck. Adobe kept its comments

Cybersecurity Report: IT and Business Need To Talk

Most companies do a poor job of handling cybersecurity, even as their losses to cybercrime continue to mount, according to a report issued this month by the Internet Security Alliance and the American National Standards Institute. That’s because companies tend to turn over too much responsibility for cybersecurity to their

New Hiring Formula Values Math Pros

If you’re looking for a job in Silicon Valley, maybe you should beef up your resume by taking a class in statistics. The Wall Street Journal reports that many companies, including Facebook and AdMob, are recruiting employees who have a better than average understanding of statistics, advanced math, and data-manipulation

Karmasphere: Helping to Tame A Tool Called Hadoop

Recently, many companies have begun using Apache Hadoop to spread computing jobs across internal servers and into the cloud. But the open source tool has a reputation for being tricky to learn. As Karmasphere’s Martin Hall says, it’s ?pretty technical and has a tedious learning curve.” That’s why Hall and

Early IE9 Platform Preview Results Show Promise

In the past, Microsoft has come under criticism for its lack of engagement with third-party developers, but the company seems to be trying to change that with its Internet Explorer 9 platform preview. So far developers have downloaded the release at least 700,000 times, and have filed reports on hundreds

Android Fragmentation: Speed Bump or Road Block?

Several industry watchers have been commenting with dismay on the number of versions of Android in the marketplace, and now IMS Research has released a report tackling the problem. “Fragmentation is a concern first and foremost for developers,” noted IMS Research analyst, Chris Schreck. “Differentiating between strains of an OS,