April 17, 2010

Where Tech Hiring Is Hottest

According to David White, owner of a Silicon Valley recruiting firm, tech hiring is definitely picking up. “It’s common for us to have an engineer with the right skills talking to three or four companies at a time,” he says. What are the right skills? White says employers are looking

Are Linux Developers Getting Too Old?

Some members of the open-source community warn that unless more young developers begin working on the project, it could stagnate. During a panel discussion at the Linux Foundation’s Collaboration Summit, Linux kernel developer Andrew Morton admitted, “Yes, we’re getting older, and I think we’re also getting more tired. Amongst individuals

Vendors Roll Out New Tools as Visual Studio 2010 Released

Seeking to tap into the huge developer market (as in millions of developers) for Microsoft Visual Studio, Micro Focus this week unveiled four application lifecycle management (ALM) tools at the launch of Visual Studio 2010 at the Microsoft Visual Studio Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. In addition to the