April 24, 2010

Facebook Open Graph: The Definitive Guide

At the F8 conference, Facebook unveiled a bold new plan to make the entire Web more social. At the heart of that plan lies a new technology called “Open Graph.” Open Graph consists of three separate but related elements: publisher plug-ins, semantic markup, and a developer API. The plug-ins allow

Analyst: HTML5 Far From Killing Off Web Plug-Ins

Based on the results of three 2009 surveys, Forrester says HTML5 won’t replace browser plug-ins in the short term. In a report titled, “Does HTML5 Herald the End of RIA Plug-ins? Not really,” the company’s analysts assert, “For at least the next five years, the answer is a definite ‘no’;

White House Gives Back: Drupal Gets New Custom Code

In October, the White House announced that it would be using open-source content management system Drupal. Since then, developers in the administration have developed several new modules for the application and now have released the code for four of them. Those new modules include Context HTTP Headers, which allows site