May 11, 2010

VMware Acquires GemStone For Building Cloud Computing Apps

VMware’s Spring Source unit has announced that it has acquired GemStone Systems for an undisclosed sum. GemStone makes software for caching data across a server cluster to help scale applications. “Cloud computing is a distributed deployment model, and for that reason, caching and data accessibility are of far greater strategic

The Continuous Innovation of Software as a Service

Do traditional or SaaS ERP solutions offer better capabilities for innovation? According to Knowledge Infusion, SaaS is the clear winner. In this white paper, it makes several recommendations: Analyze your current ERP cost structure as a first step. Reassess your business needs and understand how your current ERP fits. Usability

Why It’s So Hard For NYC Startups to Hire Developers

“Every startup in NYC is looking for developers,” asserts the Business Insider. “Literally: Every. Single. One.” Why? While nearby universities continue to churn out highly qualified developers and engineers, most seem to prefer working as employees to positions as co-founders. Many of them don’t understand the potential value of stock

App Store Filling Up With Spammers And Clones Of Popular Apps

Application developers have noticed a growing problem on Apple’s App Store: numerous apps are infringing on the trademarks and copyrights of other app owners by using their names, styles, and graphics. Often, these apps offer “cheats,” “trivia” or “guides” to popular apps. Developers with concerns about infringing apps can send

Flash Loses to HTML5 on Scribd Site

SAN FRANCISCO — There’s a bit more momentum behind Steve Jobs’s insistence that Adobe Flash isn’t keeping up with the times. The Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO’s controversial decision to keep Adobe’s Flash software off the iPhone and iPad resulted in criticism that the company was unfairly restricting developers from using

Open Source Solutions for Managing Private and Public Clouds

More and more companies want to deliver IT services as a cloud. Problem is, there has been precious little infrastructure software that makes it easy and cost-effective to manage private and public clouds — until recently. Enter Eucalyptus Systems and (formerly VMOps), companies with virtually the same goal: to