May 13, 2010

Blippy Swipes Back At Swipely With API Announcement

Today, start-up Swipely announced the availability of a new social shopping service, backed by $8.5 million in capital, that would compete with established player Blippy. Not to be outdone, Blippy then announced the availability of a new API which lets third-party developers integrate Blippy data into their applications. Blippy co-founder

JRuby Upgrade Features Java Accommodations

JRuby 1.5 is now available and includes 1,300 revisions and 432 bug fixes. The latest version of the Ruby variant that runs on Java Virtual Machines has been designed to “integrate well with the rest of the Java ecosystem,” explained project leader Charles Nutter. “Lots of Java libraries really need

Microsoft Finally Launches SharePoint, Office 2010

Microsoft finally launched SharePoint and Office 2010 this morning, after about 18 months of preparation, at an event for customers and partners in New York. But the thousands of people who work with SharePoint in companies all over the world were not content to let Microsoft own center stage. SharePoint