May 21, 2010

Social Standards: Understanding Google’s New APIs for Buzz

Social Standards: Understanding Google’s New APIs for BuzzArs Technica dissects the social networking APIs released yesterday. Wednesday at the Google I/O developers conference, the company announced the availability of a new set of APIs for its Buzz social networking service. The application development tools aim to make it easier for

Engineers Riff on the Joys of Management at Google I/O

SAN FRANCISCO — One of the best attended sessions at Google’s developer conference here this week — judging by the crowds standing in the hallway waiting for the doors to open and the number of people who were turned away — was called, “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

New SDK Enables iPhone Application Development on Windows

The official Apple iPhone SDK only works on OS X and requires programmers to use Objective-C, a little used variant of C++. But Zimusoft hopes to change that with its new DragonFireSDK, lets programmers use the iPhone emulator and debug code in Windows. [login] Although Apple has put heavy limitations

Google Confirms Android, Chrome Will Merge

SAN FRANCISCO — Will it be “Chromoid” or “Androme?” Google executives said their strategy of releasing different operating systems is playing out just fine despite the potential for confusion among developers and IT buyers as to which will win out long term. That’s because eventually there will be one operating