May 26, 2010

Referencing External Configuration Files in .NET

It is always a good design practice to keep most generalized configuration settings in application configuration files (i.e., app.config or web.config) and very particular settings in external configuration files. Suppose you work with two different sets of connection strings (i.e., one for development and the other for production). You may

Top 10 Android 2.2 Features Developers Can’t Wait to Use

Although “Froyo” is a fairly minor upgrade to the Google Android mobile OS, it offers a number of new benefits for developers, particularly for those who create enterprise applications. They include the following: Flash 10.1 and AIR Support Push Messaging New Enterprise Features Performance Improvements Audio and Media API Improvements

An Open API from MasterCard? Priceless

MasterCard has announced the availability of an API for the creation of both desktop and mobile applications. They’ve also launched a new portal dubbed “MasterCard Labs” with a variety of support materials for developers interested in using the new tool. In addition to the most obvious use — accepting mobile

Google’s New Predictive API Gives Cloud Developers a Big Boost

Large organizations have been using predictive analytics for some time, but those tools tend to be too expensive for smaller enterprises. That all changes with Google’s new Predictive API. The free beta makes it possible to spot patterns and make predictions using data from any Internet-connected application, in the cloud