June 22, 2010

CollabNet Offers Enhanced Subversion Variant

CollabNet has announced the availability of a beta version of Subversion Edge, a new Subversion distribution which features a Web-interface that reduces deployment and administration time. The release also includes the ViewVC repository viewer, and the Apache Web server. [login] “What’s clear is that Subversion installation, administration, security and governance

Georgia Wants to Lure Application Development Firms

Georgia—the country, not the state—is offering tax-free status to IT companies who locate within its borders. Georgian Prime Minister Nikoloz Gilauri told a Russian news agency that his country is trying to entice foreign software developers to re-locate. [login]Analysts note that although the absence of taxes may be attractive to

New Frameworks Give Mobile-Web Apps a Boost

Before mobile developers even begin a new project, they face a choice: should they develop a native app for a particular OS or a Web-based app that will work on any platform? While native apps have advantages like access to device tools like accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc., Web apps have the

Apple’s Closed World is Bad News for Flash Developers

Apple’s refusal to allow Adobe’s Flash technology into any of its products — a position forcefully reiterated by Steve Jobs at the recent D8 Conference and in his open letter “Thoughts on Flash” — is bad news for the Flash developer community.Flash is present on about 95 percent of PCs