July 10, 2010

CollabNet Debuts New Version of ScrumWorks

CollabNet Debuts New Version of ScrumWorksThe latest version of the agile development project management tool is integrated with the company’s ALM platform. When CollabNet purchased Danube Technologies, it also purchased ScrumWorks agile development project management software. Now it has released ScrumWorks Pro 4.4. The new release includes CollabNet’s TeamWorks Application

Android Enthusiasts Push for Paid Apps

Android users and bloggers are encouraging their fellow smartphone owners to take the “Paid App Pledge.” Those who sign the pledge promise to spend $5 per week on paid Android apps and to spread the word on Twitter. The movement began when a blogger calculated that the Android Market has

How to Avoid Five Common Mistakes During the Transition to Agile

Many application development teams have either already implemented agile development techniques or are considering the methodology. Although agile does have a good reputation for delivering software quickly, development teams need to look out for the following pitfalls when adopting the methodology: Skimping on training and education Practicing agile in silos

Nearly Half of Windows 7 PCs Run the 64-Bit Version

Some 46 percent of Windows 7 PCs are running 64-bit versions of Microsoft’s latest operating system, according to a company blog post. By contrast, only 11 percent of Windows Vista machines are running the 64-bit version of that system, and less than one percent of Windows XP PCs are running