July 20, 2010

Puppet 2.6 Expands Open Source System Configuration

It’s starting off to be a good week for open source configuration management vendor Puppet Labs. The startup announced today that it has raised an additional $5 million in venture funding, bringing total funding to $7 million to date. Those new funds come on the same day that a major

Google Snags Semantic Web Firm Metaweb

In the latest in a string of acquisitions, Google has unveiled plans to purchase Metaweb, a firm that maintains a vast open source database of information about objects in the real world. Through the acquisition, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) aims to provide a smarter search engine that will be able to

How You Can Make a Remote Team Work

Programmer Jeff Atwood says that the key for assembling a remote team of developers is to pick people who love to code and have amazing skills. He recommends three basic ground rules for teams that are geographically separated: “The minimum remote team size is two. Always have a buddy, even

OpenStack Wants to Be Android of the Cloud

Cloud computing vendor Rackspace is leading a new open-source project known as OpenStack, which will develop a cloud platform to compete with VMware’s vSphere and Microsoft’s Azure. NASA will also contribute code from its Nebula Cloud Platform to the project. The organizations hope enterprises will embrace OpenStack as they develop

ActiveState Releases Perl Development Kit

Version 5.12 of the Perl development language was released in April, but so far, few Perl developers have chosen to upgrade. However, the number of upgrades may get a boost now that ActiveState has released a new version of its Perl Development Kit (PDK). In addition to supporting Perl 5.12,