July 22, 2010

Microsoft Updates Power Tools for Visual Studio

Developers who use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 now have access to some new capabilities. Microsoft has released an update for Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2010, which features four new extensions: one allows developers to control which extensions are turned on or off; a Solution Navigator adds search, filter

iPhone Programming: Using a Tab Bar App with a Navigation Controller

The iPhone SDK comes with various templates to let developers create different types of applications. Two popular application templates are Tab Bar Application and Navigation-based Application. In reality, it is common to find applications that use a tab bar together with a navigation controller. One such application is the Phone

Which Flavor of Android Are Most People Using?

Versions of the Google Android mobile operating system are forward-compatible, but not backward-compatible. That means that an app developed for version 1.5 will work on version 2.2, but the opposite is not true. Because of that fact, developers face a difficult balancing act: they want to be able to take

ThoughtWorks Studios ‘Go’ Helps Automate Agile Development

ThoughtWorks Studios has announced the availability of a new software product called “Go.” The application helps companies using Agile development methodologies move their software into production as quickly as possible. “What Go addresses is often referred to as the last-mile problem with corporate IT,” said ThoughtWorks’ John Guerriere. Before an