August 26, 2010

Should Developers Have Access to Production Servers?

Developers regularly complain about needing access to production servers because system administrators are too slow or because developers need to troubleshoot code. In this post, Brandt offers several reasons why system administrators should maintain control over production servers: [login] It promotes communication between developers and admins. It forces developers to

Flurry’s AppCircle Rewards Lets Developers Pay Users for App Downloads

Flurry’s AppCircle program recommends apps to users based on their personal likes and disklikes. Now the company is expanding AppCircle with a new program called “AppCircle Rewards,” which lets developers pay users in virtual currency for downloads. [login] Developers who have been testing the program say it helped them sign

Top 10 Tips For Marketing a Startup or Web Product

Every day, the cost of creating software and web products is decreasing. That means that the barrier to entry is decreasing and every day, more and more people are able to participate in Web business. That creates a situation where everyone is trying to advertise their product, and there is