September 14, 2010

Intel Touts Sandy Bridge Processors, McAfee Plans

SAN FRANCISCO — Intel kicked off its Intel Developer Forum with several demonstrations of its next generation “Sandy Bridge” chips that will help power a new generation of the company’s processor family with integrated graphics built-in. Officially dubbed 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors, Sandy Bridge chipsare expected to start appearing

Android 2.1+ Base Jumps to 70 Percent

Developers have long complained about the number of different versions of Android in use, particularly about the number of users still on older versions. Now, the latest figures from Google show that the majority of users (70 percent) are using one of the latest two versions: 2.1 (Éclair) and 2.2

Looking for Work? Learn Ruby On Rails

Looking for Work? Learn Ruby On RailsBusinesses are desperate to find developers who know the Web application development framework. As Web apps become important, companies are increasingly looking to hire developers who know the Ruby on Rails Web application development framework. In fact, some startups are so desperate, they’re willing

Getting Started with Agile Development

Facing a backlog of 120 projects that would take approximately 13 years to complete, the development team at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews turned to agile development methodologies to help them expedite their work. “Something had to change,” said assistant information architect/Web manager Gareth J M Saunders. “We had to

Grid, HPC Cluster and Cloud: Part I, an Infrastructure Perspective

(Editor’s note: This is the first article in a two-part series that compares the difference in infrastructure for Grid, HPC and Cloud. In the second part, we will look at the developer perspective of these three classes of compute infrastructures.)Infrastructure is important: if for nothing else, for the fact that