November 5, 2010

Developing Apps for WP7

This article offers advice from a developer who’s already begun creating apps for Windows Phone 7. It covers migrating WP7 apps to and from other Windows platforms, how to avoid some of the OS’s glitches, testing and some helpful development tools. [login] “Because WP7 is so new, finding information online

Apple is Now Accepting Mac App Store Submissions from Developers

When Apple first announced its new Mac App Store, it said it would begin accepting apps for review in November. Now it is making good on that promise. The company has sent an e-mail to developers officially inviting them to submit apps for review. Apple has not clarified exactly when

Developer Interest in iPhone Decreases, Windows Phone 7 on the Rise

Developer Interest in iPhone Decreases, Windows Phone 7 on the RiseA new report from Millennial Media ranks the top mobile application development platforms. According to the newest “State of the Apps Industry Snapshot” published by Millennial Media, 30 percent of mobile app developers plan to create new iPhone apps this

Resource Sharing, Part II: Infrastructure Perspective

In part I of this article, (Resource Sharing, Part I: An Architect’s Perspective) we focused on how the architect is affected by resource sharing and how resource sharing could actually be embraced and thus be thought of an advantage point from the user?s perspective.? In this article, we focus on