November 6, 2010

Train Your Way to Career Advancement

It’s no secret that there are countless options when it comes to tech training. To help break things down, we launched an article on our new site,, which details the degree and certification options tech professionals may want to consider. [login]Despite the fact that the role of technology is

Google Changes Terms of Service for Contacts API

Google’s contacts API allows developers to access users’ Gmail contact lists and some other data. However, Google has recently changed its terms of service so that developers who use that data will now also have to make the data they have available to Google. [login] The move will affect all

Apple’s App Store Soars Past 300,000 Apps

Analytics firm Distimo says that Apple’s App Store now officially has more than 300,000 apps. About 38,000 of those are for the iPad, and about 7 percent work on both the iPhone and iPad. [login] In April, the App Store had just under 200,000 apps. Since then, it’s added an

Microsoft Open Sources F#

Microsoft researcher Don Syme has announced that a compiler and core library for the F# programming language are now available under an Apache license. Previously, the code was available, but under a Microsoft Research Shared Source License Agreement, which didn’t allow for commercial use. Now that changes. However, Microsoft will