December 14, 2010

The Simple Cloud API

The flexibility and economic benefits of cloud computing have generated a tremendous amount of interest. As developers work with this technology, an obvious concern is vendor lock-in. Writing an application that makes the most of cloud computing is great. But what if that application locks you in to a single

Customize Deployment Behavior Using WebSphere CloudBurst Environment Profiles

Self-service access and customization capability are key themes when using WebSphere CloudBurst. Multiple users can create and provision their own unique middleware application environments by using a range of customization techniques that apply to image construction, pattern building, and pattern deployment. The newest release of WebSphere CloudBurst expands the reach

Reduce Cloud Management Complexity with Command-Line Scripting

Virtualization has become the industry standard for server consolidation; however, introducing virtualization in a cloud computing environment can lead to complex management problems. IBM Systems Director VMControl is a cross-platform, multi-hypervisor suite designed to address this complexity: One powerful component of VMControl is the command-line interface (CLI) which can be

Enable Application-Centric Cloud Management

Managing complex applications and workloads in the cloud requires timely infrastructure reconfiguration automation. Application-centric management — in which your management efforts are focused on controlling all required resources as a unified system and the parameters for all runtime services as a single system definition — can provide an alternative, but

Automate Virtual Machine Discovery and Self-Connectivity

In a virtual data center the deployment and the dismissal of complex appliances require that multiple configuration steps be executed. Reconfiguration requirements include establishing and removing communication between different components of the same product running in different virtual machines (VMs) as well as different products running in different VMs. Traditionally