June 5, 2011

How Much Do the Highest-Paid Programmers Bring Home?

It’s easy to find data on what average application development pros make, but finding out what the very best of the best earn is a little more challenging. According to recruiter Janet Miller at TechnicalJobs.com, Java developers are some of the best paid. “Companies that are hiring cleared developers for

New Microsoft Developer Conference to Offer a Look at Windows 8

Microsoft has announced a new, one-time-only developers conference that will be held Sept. 13-16 in Anaheim, Calif. According the Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky, the company will “have a lot of exciting things to talk about there, including HTML5, power of the Web, same markup and a lot more.” Microsoft’s Tim O’Brien

Enterprise Developers Praise Windows Phone 7 Mango

The Mango update of Microsoft Windows Phone 7, due for release this fall, offers more than 500 new features, and over 1,500 new APIs for mobile developers. After looking at the beta release, several enterprise software developers had good things to say about the operating system. According to developer Ginny

GitHub Now More Popular than SourceForge and Google Code

According to new data from Black Duck Software, GitHub is now the most popular open source forge based on code commits. Between January and May of this year, GitHub had 1,153,059 commits, compared to 624,989 for Sourceforge, 287,901 for Google Code 49,839 for Microsoft’s CodePlex. For the same time period,

Crowdsourcing Techniques Could Help Mobile Developers Invalidate Patents

Recently, several mobile developers have come under attack by so-called “patent trolls” who are attempting to force all mobile developers to pay licensing fees on patents that some consider dubious. Now patent research firm Article One Partners is offering to pay $5,000 to $20,000 to anyone who can uncover prior

Lodsys Files Patent-Infringement Suit Against Developers

Earlier this month, Lodsys, a company often described as a “patent troll,” sent threatening letters to a number of App Store developers saying that they needed to pay licensing fees for two of its patents. Apple soon chimed in on the debate saying that because it had paid licensing fees