August 3, 2011

Android Developer Labs to Help Adapt Smartphone Apps for Tablets

Google has announced that it is conducting a series of Android Developer Labs (ADLs) to help developers convert their Android smartphone apps so that they will work on Honeycomb-based tablets. In the U.S., Google will hold ADLs in Seattle, New York and Los Angeles this August and September. Anyone can

Amazon Can’t Use “Appstore” Name in Germany

Apple has sued Amazon over the use of the term “app store” in several countries. In the U.S. the courts’ initial decisions have largely favored Amazon, but that doesn’t appear to be the case in Germany. Amazon has issued a statement saying, “For the time being, we are not accepting

How to Maximize Revenue from Your Mobile Apps

According to analyst Josh Martin of Strategy Analytics, if you want to make money from a mobile app, free is the way to go. Because it’s so difficult to break into the top 10 or top 100 of the paid app lists, it’s tougher to build a hit. In addition,

The Truth About Amazon’s Free App of the Day

One of the big draws of Amazon’s Appstore for Android is the “Free App of the Day.” Because Amazon’s developer agreement promises to pay developers 20 percent of their asking price no matter what the purchase price is, most people assume developers are getting paid when they are featured as