August 20, 2011

Top Apps Dominate Android

A new Nielsen report finds that Android users spend 56 minutes per day interacting with apps and the mobile Web. However, most of the time they spend with apps is dominated by a few top performers. In fact, the top 50 apps account for 61 percent of the average user’s

Websites Offer Mobile Development for the Masses

As mobile apps continue to grow in popularity, more non-programmers are becoming interested in creating apps of their own. To make it easier on these folks, several Web sites are tools that allow users to build apps without knowing how to code. The most popular is AppMakr, a free service

An App Store for Windows 8

In recent blog posts, Microsoft has begun revealing small bits of information about the next update for Windows, Windows 8. One recent post listed all the teams working on the project, and that list included an app store team. OS X already has an app store, but if Windows began

The To-Do List for Securely Adding a Facebook Login Button

If you just want to set up a simple Facebook login button for your site, it is extremely straight forward and takes about five minutes. But simply having a Facebook login button isn’t very helpful because the login transaction goes through Facebook’s system and you never get to find out

HP Discontinues webOS Platform

On Thursday, HP announced that it would discontinue the production of the TouchPad and other tablets and smartphones based on the webOS operating system. Instead, it “will continue to explore options to optimize the value of webOS software going forward” by selling or licensing the technology. However, that decision is