September 2, 2011

James Gosling Leaves Google – Can He Come to JavaOne Now?

It’s that time of year when the Java world begins to focus on JavaOne. This is a big year for Java for a lot of reasons that I’ll be blogging about here on DevX, in the lead up to the event which runs October 2nd to the 6th. One of

Managed Classes and Object Injection in Java EE 5

This table provides a quick reference for what types of managed classes can inject what object in Java EE 5.   Objects Managed Classes Stateful Stateless Message-driven Bean (MDB) Interceptors JDBC DataSource Yes Yes Yes Yes EJBContext Yes Yes Yes No Web Service Ref Yes Yes Yes Yes EntityManagerFactory Yes

Developers, Enterprises Are the Losers in Patent Lawsuits

These days, every single well-known company involved in the mobile industry is embroiled in at least one patent lawsuit. Regardless of who wins the cases, Ed Hansberry writes that developers will be among some of the biggest losers. “The lack of innovation in the platform, bugs that go unfixed, and

Report: Users Spend More Time with Mobile Apps Than They Spend Online

A new report from Flurry states that the average smartphone owner spends more time every day with mobile apps than the average Internet user spends online. In fact, the average user spends 4.2 minutes with an app, compared to just under a minute on a website. The report also states,