December 14, 2011

Openspace: The First Real-World App Store

There’s nothing new about an established brand with a physical presence opening an online app store, but for the first time an online app store is opening up a brick-and-mortar physical store. Startup Openspace has set up a storefront in Boulder, Colo., that offers device owners advice on which apps

Project Coin: “Small” Java 7 Tweaks, Big Dev Gains

There are several new features being introduced with the new release of JDK 7. Some of the important changes that will be introduced in Java 7 include: Project Coin Join/Fork Framework File System NIO2 Changes to the JVM We will cover all these features in our series on New Java

Hadoop Comes to Azure

Making good on an earlier promise, Microsoft has released a new version of its Azure cloud computing platform that includes some Hadoop capabilities. However, for now, it’s just a preview. “To help bolster Big Data capabilities on Windows Azure, we are releasing a preview of the Hadoop-based distribution on Windows