February 2, 2012

Report: Windows 8 for ARM Coming Soon

Unnamed sources tell CNET that Microsoft now has a stable version of Windows 8 running on ARM devices. In addition, they say Microsoft expects to release the code to developers

AccuRev Kando Adds Enterprise Features to Git

Enterprise software development tool vendor AccuRev has announced a new product that will make it easier for enterprise developers to use the Git version control system. Called “Kando,” the tool

Ruby on Rails 3.2 Promises Faster Web Development

The Ruby on Rails community has released version 3.2 of the popular open source Web application development framework. According to project creator David Heinemeier Hansson, “The new faster dev mode

John Deere Cultivates Agile Software Development Techniques

Until September 2010, all of the software developers who worked for tractor manufacturer John Deere used traditional waterfall development practices. However, “after some serious introspection in our development organization,” the

Laptops with Kinect Coming Soon?

Just a few weeks after Microsoft announced that it would bring its Kinect motion sensor technology to PCs, a couple of prototype laptops featuring built-in Kinect sensors have surfaced. Reporters