September 11, 2012

Enterprise Architects in the Boardroom

Where do the Enterprise Architects (EAs) fit into the organizational structure at your company or agency? Do they report to the CEO? More likely the CIO, or even a manager buried somewhere in the IT organization like the VP of Architecture, right? If so, there’s something very wrong with your

7 Agile Software Development Tips to Build Exceptional Products

You do not need to follow every ‘rule’ of an Agile method like Scrum or XP to be an effective Agile team, particularly as the team evolves. Although Agile software development provides a set of patterns and best practices, they are only half of the equation. As a member of

Apple Extends App Store Volume Purchasing Program

Developers who offer apps targeted at corporate customers or educational institutions will now find it easier to sell iOS apps to international audiences. Apple has announced that it is extending its App Store Volume Purchasing Program to nine new countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and

Amazon Adds Real-World Goods to In-App Purchase Program

In the past, mobile development platforms have allowed users to make in-app purchases of “virtual” goods–things like access to more game levels, virtual currency or other items that can be used to enhance gameplay. However, Amazon is taking in-app purchases a step farther by allowing in-app purchases of physical items