November 8, 2012

Workloads in Cloud Computing: A Twist on an Old Concept

The notion of a workload is central to Cloud Computing, but a clear definition of this fundamental concept is more elusive than you might think. Essentially, a workload is a discrete capability or amount of work you’d like to run on a Cloud instance. For example, serving up a Web

Verizon Plans to Close Its App Store

Just a few months ago, it seemed that every company even remotely related to the mobile development industry wanted to open its own app store, but now one company has decided to get out of the app business. Verizon announced that it will begin removing the Verizon Apps store from

iPhone Now Accounts for Less than 30% of App Downloads

Apple may have created the market for apps, but Google’s Android now dominates. According to a new report from ABI Research, the iPhone accounted for 29 percent of all app downloads in the second quarter, while Android devices accounted for 47 percent. “The iPhone’s download share tends to see a

Australia Cracks Down on Law-Breaking Apps

Australia’s Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council (CCAAC) is launching an investigation into whether mobile development firms are abiding by its laws. The council’s assistant treasurer David Bradbury asked consumers to identify developers who are breaking consumer-protection laws. He added, “Apps are also increasingly relying on ‘in-app’ purchases and subscriptions, particularly

EFF Asks Developers to Help with Appeal in API Copyright Case

The Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) has put out an urgent call to software developers, software engineers and others who use APIs, asking them to submit stories that explain why APIs should not be subject to copyright law. Last summer as part of the Oracle v. Google case surrounding Android’s use