January 29, 2013

Seeing the Big Picture: A Holistic View of Web Application Monitoring

by Leon Fayer Every web-based application is part of a much broader ecosystem; it is an integral component of a larger business, operates within a highly complex and interconnected technical environment, and aspects of its management are dispersed across multiple organizational units. It is designed and built by developers, and

Report: Mobile Lacks Leadership

A new Appcelerator report says that the enterprise side of the mobile development industry is suffering from a lack of leadership. Its surveys found that 73 percent of enterprise application development teams have created five or fewer mobile apps. And 39 percent had just one mobile app or none at

What Happens When a Cloud Development Platform Dies?

What should you do when the cloud development service you’ve been using shuts down? PHPFog users are struggling to answer that question as the platform as a service (PaaS) officially ceased operation on January 25. PHPFog advised users to upgrade to its new AppFog platform and provided tools and guidance.