March 15, 2013

The Biggest Cybersecurity Story of the Week

The last week or so has been a busy one in the ongoing Cyberwar. China is pushing back against the US, blaming Cyberattacks coming from a particular office building in Shanghai on the Americans. But that’s not the biggest Cybersecurity story of the week. Then there’s the story of how

Just How Popular Is JavaScript?

Is JavaScript the most popular programming language? It’s definitely the most common language used in GitHub projects, but the curators of the popular programming language indexes say that’s not enough to make it the most popular language overall. “People should be aware that GitHub is an open source software archive,

Microsoft to Pay Devs $100 Per App

Microsoft is so eager to grow its collection of apps for Windows and Windows Phone that it’s willing to pay $100 per app. Under the company’s new “Keep the Cash” offer, developers can earn $2000 if they submit 10 apps each for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store between