March 21, 2013

Learning from Yahoo’s Hadoop Mistakes

At a conference in New York City, Todd Papaioannou, former chief cloud architect for Yahoo, talked about his experiences setting up 45,000 Hadoop servers in Yahoo’s 400,000 node private cloud. His group ended up creating “a bunch of redneck architecture” cobbled together from bits and pieces of various libraries, and

Corona Labs Launches Cloud for Mobile Development

Corona Labs has announced a new backend as a service for mobile developers. Called “Corona Cloud,” the service incorporates features from the Corona SDK and reduces the time it takes to incorporate multi-player support, chat functionality, authentication, push notifications, analytics, leaderboards and similar features into mobile apps. “We want to

Cloud Backup Gotcha for Encrypted Data

Backing up your important corporate data to the Cloud makes sense, right? It’s offsite, highly reliable, and inexpensive. What’s not to love? Of course, it’s important for your Cloud backup solution to be secure as well. But you know better than to let the Cloud provider encrypt your data with