April 9, 2013

Final CloudConnect Report: The Emperor Has No Cloud

Remember the tale of the Emperor’s new clothes? Weavers convince the emperor that only stupid people cannot see the cloth. The emperor proceeds to wear the invisible apparel in a parade until a child remarks on his nakedness. So too with Cloud Computing. Everybody says they’re doing Cloud or offering

Google Opens Up Compute Engine, Drops Prices

In the past, Google Compute Engine (GCE) was only available by invitation, but now any Google Cloud Platform Gold Support customer can use the service. An infrastructure as a service offering, GCE competes with Amazon’s well-known EC2. Until now, Google has been better known for its App Engine cloud development

73% of Universities No Longer Offer Cobol Classes

Should universities be offering Cobol classes? The aging language is virtually never used to write new applications, but enterprises still run billions of lines of Cobol code in their legacy applications. For example, the Social Security Administration alone runs 60 million lines of Cobol. In a survey of 119 universities,

Survey: Software Engineers Spend Most of Their Time on Non-Coding Tasks

A new survey conducted by software development services vendor Electric Cloud finds that software engineers spend only 19.1 hours per week on coding tasks on average. They spend another 22.4 hours on a variety of tasks, including brainstorming and collaboration (6.7 hours), administrative tasks (5.8 hours), waiting for tests to