April 30, 2013

Heroku Postgres – GIS Support Now Available

Today Heroku announced geospatial support for Heroku Postgres with PostGIS 2.0.Heroku Postgres is increasingly enabling rich use cases ??? adding services from key/value datatype in hstore, querying across postgres databases with dblink, and now adding rich geospatial functionality. Adding PostGIS

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AppFog to End Support for Rackspace

The AppFog platform as a service started out saying developers who used the service would be able to run their applications on nearly any cloud computing infrastructure, but not the company is taking a step back from that promise. As

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Using Big Data to Hire Programmers

Over the weekend, The New York Times ran a lengthy piece that describes how a startup called Gild is using big data analytics to help other companies find talented developers. Gild’s technology scours the Internet for data from social networking

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