May 31, 2013

Newly Uncovered Cloud Backup Risk: Forgetfulness

One of Amazon’s newer offerings is Amazon Glacier, a low-cost, highly durable storage service for archiving and backup. By trading off speed of access for durability, they’re able to charge as low as a penny per gigabyte per month. Sounds like a great option for those long-term backups. Instead of

What’s Coming in Windows 8.1 for Developers?

Microsoft has now revealed a few more details about the next version of Windows, version 8.1, codenamed Windows Blue. For users, the big news is that Microsoft is bringing back the familiar start button and offering a whole lot of new customization options for the start screen. But Microsoft is

Top Skills for Hadoop Developers

With more and more enterprises launching big data projects, workers with Hadoop skills are in high demand. That raises the question, if developers want to apply for Hadoop-related jobs, what other skills and experience do they need on their resumes? Using data from, eWeek put together a list of

Announcing Heroku Platform API, Now Available in Public Beta

This morning Heroku released their new platform API into public beta, turning Heroku into an extensible platform for building new and exciting services. The platform API derives from the same command-and-control API used internally, empowers developers to automate, extend and combine Heroku with other services. The platform API to programmatically