July 18, 2013

Will Your Next Resume Be Written in Code?

Insurance company MetLife is taking a novel approach to recruiting development talent. The company has launched a new website that asks developers to submit their resumes in JSON. The site reads, “Below is a schema for you to work with to submit your resum√©. Feel free to enhance it in

Sencha Launches HTML5 App Management and Deployment Tool

At its SenchaCon2013 development conference, HTML5 development tool provider Sencha unveiled a new tool called Sencha Space that aims to remove some of the headaches of mobile development and deployment in BYOD environments. To end users, Sencha Space appears like any other app on their smartphones or tablets, but it

Study: Almost Half of Developers Don’t Use a Security Process

A new study conducted by Microsoft and comScore finds that many enterprise application development pros are not incorporating security into their processes. When surveyed, 42 percent of developers said security wasn’t a “top priority,” and 44 percent do not use a secure application program or process. According to Microsoft’s Tim