August 22, 2013

Report from NoSQL Now: Immutability and Big Data

Perhaps the best part of speaking at Dataversity?s NoSQL Now conference is the opportunity to channel my inner geek. This show brings out the most hardcore data geeks Silicon Valley has to offer, after all, and that?s triple-X hardcore when it comes to data geekdom. My inner geek, however, never

Microsoft Launches Windows Azure Pack

Microsoft has announced the availability of a free set of cloud computing tools that it calls “Windows Azure Pack.” Among other things, it allows enterprise developers to create apps for Azure, then seamlessly move them to an in-house private cloud running Microsoft servers, or vice versa. “A major benefit of

More Than One Third of BlackBerry Apps Made by One Developer

BlackBerry has been pretty proud of the fact that its BlackBerry World app store for BB10 includes 120,000 apps. Unfortunately, 47,000 of those apps come from one developer—S4BB. Making matters worse, most of those apps are fairly low on the quality scale. There are fart apps, coin flip apps, app