September 26, 2013

Survey: Big Data Developers Believe the Government Is Spying on Them

A new survey of developers conducted by Evans Data shines the spotlight on the difficulties inherent in securing big data. Of those surveyed, 39 percent suspect that the U.S. government is tracking their data. Among those who said they were sure they could tell if someone was tracking their data,

Engine Yard Adds Java Support to its PaaS

Platform as a service (PaaS) vendor Engine Yard used the Oracle OpenWorld event as an opportunity to announce support for two Oracle technologies. First, Engine Yard now supports cloud development in Java. Second, users can now run the PaaS on Oracle Public Cloud. (It already supported Amazon Web Services, Windows

Does Your Cloud Depend on Dwarves in a Box?

Remember the fascinating story of the Mechanical Turk? This chess-playing automaton was a sensation in the courts of eighteenth century Europe. Who ever heard of a machine that could play chess? Turns out it was a dwarf in a box, playing chess via the manipulation of levers. It is fair