November 5, 2013

Feature Story

We would be interested in submitting a new article for DevX that is a tip sheet from QA to developers and programmers. Here’s why we do what we do…things to consider up front. That type of angle. Interested? If so, how long would you like the story?

AWS Launches Mobile Development Services, GPU Instances

This week, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched two noteworthy new cloud-related offerings. First, the cloud computing platform unveiled G2 Instances, an Elastic Compute Cloud service that makes use of Nvidia Grid graphics processing units. The service is targeted at 3D modeling applications and software as a service companies. Secondly,

Windows Azure: Send Us Your Hard Drive

Microsoft’s Windows Azure has launched a new pilot project aimed at making it easier for organizations to upload data to the cloud computing service. When companies have very large data stores (terabytes or petabytes), transferring that data via network connections can be slow and costly due to bandwidth restrictions. To

Big Data Strategies Are Nonsense

As the market gradually settles on a clearer definition of Big Data, and as the tools that target Big Data mature, more and more organizations are seeing the value in Big Data. As a result, enterprises far and wide are putting together Big Data strategies. Nonsense, I say! Simply writing