January 28, 2014

Bluetooth?? Smart Technology Unveiled as the Magic Behind Beacons

Bluetooth?? Smart Technology Unveiled as the Magic Behind BeaconsIntelligent, Power-efficient Wireless Technology Makes In-store Couponing, Mobile Payments and Location-based Services a RealityKirkland, WA ??? January 28, 2014 ??? Bluetooth Smart, the low-energy consuming, intelligent sensor technology developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), is the magic behind several payment

How Popular Is the Private Cloud?

In a recent Forrester Research report, 30 percent of North American enterprises claimed to have deployed private clouds, 19 percent to have deployed hosted private clouds and only 10 percent to use public clouds. In addition, 44 percent of the enterprises surveyed said they were prioritizing private clouds in 2014.

Application and App Monitoring with Microsoft Application Insights

Overview The Visual Studio team recently released an application monitoring tool called Application Insights (preview) for Visual Studio Online. If you have an Azure account with subscription for Visual Studio Online, you can request a limited preview of the Application Insights platform, that allows you to monitor the performance, availability,