February 24, 2014

IBM to Invest Another $1 Billion in Cloud Computing

On Monday, IBM made two big cloud computing announcements. First, it said it will spend $1 billion on new cloud computing capabilities, including bringing much of its enterprise software portfolio to the cloud. The company has already invested heavily in cloud-related acquisitions, and it previously announced it is spending $1.2

Aricent Develops High Efficiency Video Codecs by Leveraging ARM Mali GPU Compute Technology

Aricent???s High Efficiency Video Codecs (HEVC) helps silicon vendors quickly build 4K Ultra HD video solutions that consume considerably less power and bandwidth.Redwood City, CA and Barcelona MWC 2014, 24 Feb 2014: Aricent, a premier engineering services and software company, today announced that it is leveraging ARM?? Mali??? Graphics Processing

Architecting the Internet of Things with Intelligent Agents

There are two fundamental architectural paradigms battling for supremacy for the Internet of Things (IoT). First, as the appellation Internet would suggest, we have the Client/Server (C/S) paradigm. At the core of (C/S) is the notion of one-to-many: one server serving the needs of many clients. We?ve added layers to