April 28, 2014

IBM Launches Cloud Marketplace

IBM has launched a new enterprise app store that it calls the IBM Cloud Marketplace. It brings together more than 100 different IBM applications that are available on a software as a service basis. “Most app marketplaces are aimed at software developers, but ours will be aimed directly at the

Infor Touts Enterprise Application Design Capabilities

If you’re looking for evidence that design is becoming more important to enterprise application development, take a look at enterprise software vendor Infor. The firm has recently taken several steps to embrace good design as a fundamental part of its corporate culture. The company has built a large design agency,

The Catch to Bezos?s Law of Cloud Pricing

The combined dramatic price drops from major public Cloud providers a few weeks ago has led to a pandemonium of punditry. One deep thinker after another has plumbed the pedestrian proportions of this phenomenon, looking for meaning. Now it?s time for me to jump into this pool of profundity. Our