November 6, 2014

Dell Tests Cloud Marketplace

Dell has launched a public beta of a new cloud computing brokerage it calls the Cloud Marketplace. It provides a centralized interface for organizations to purchase cloud services from a variety of vendors, including Amazon, Google and Joyent. According to the company, the Cloud Marketplace can help enterprises meet the

Architecture Experts Avoid the “A” Word: Agility

I attended a Business Architecture/Enterprise Architecture power panel yesterday at the Building Business Capability conference in Miami. Since I knew two of the panelists personally, I expected a lively conversation?and in that respect I wasn’t disappointed. However, there was one word that nobody mentioned the entire session, neither panelists nor

Pitfalls in C#: Changing From a Field to a Property

Learn more about the challenges that software developers face when fields are changed to properties in C# programs. It presents an example of a code error that is difficult to discover without unit testing. This example should help the reader to avoid similar errors. Task The task was to change