January 13, 2015

Report: Mobile, Big Data Developers Likely to See Large Pay Increases This Year

Staffing firm Robert Half Technology and sister company The Creative Group have released a pair a reports that predict increasing demand for mobile development pros and big data experts. “The need for skilled professionals who can develop applications for tablets and smartphones will only intensify as companies keep pace with

Flink Now a Top-Level Apache Project

The Apache Software Foundation has elevated its Flink big data system to Top-Level Project status. The open source tool offers both processing and analytics capabilities for real-time or batch data. It can serve as an alternative to Hadoop MapReduce or it can be used alongside Hadoop. “Flink?s technology draws inspiration

RESTful Services with Rich Domain Logic Using RESTier

Last week the OData team at Microsoft released a preview of the RESTier framework, built to allow developers to quickly bootstrap an OData service implementation. As a matter of fact, as is claimed in this MSDN blog post, it will actually take developers fewer than 100 lines of code in