January 22, 2015

Report: Cloud Computing Services are Becoming More Reliable

A new report from CloudEndure says that two of the largest public cloud computing services saw significant improvements in their reliability during 2014. Amazon Web Services reduced its errors by 41 percent, from 127 errors in the first quarter to 24 in the fourth quarter. Microsoft Azure dropped from a

Microsoft Unveils More Windows 10 Features, Devices

At its Windows 10 event on Wednesday, Microsoft revealed more details about the forthcoming operating system, and it took the wraps off two devices that could be of interest to enterprise users: Surface Hub and HoloLens. Surface Hub Pro is a full Windows 10 system with a built-in 84-inch 4K

The Vision of Kay and Fielding: Growable Systems that Last for Decades

While doing some background research on distributed software, I rediscovered some of the history of two major themes that affect many developers today: the Object-Oriented programming?style (OOP) and Representational State Transfer architectural style?(REST). Even though the two concepts seem to focus on very different aspects of designing and implementing systems