March 16, 2015

Red Hat Launches Docker Programs

Red Hat is expanding its efforts in support of the Docker containerization platform. The company has launched a new partner program and released a container development kit (CDK) through its Connect for Technology Partners. The CDK includes RHEL images, Vagrant files, development tools and documentation. “Rather than starting from scratch,

Samsung Business Will Target Enterprise Customers

Korea-based Samsung has launched Samsung Business, a new brand which will unify many of the company’s enterprise offerings. Internet of Things (IoT) products and services will likely be a major part of the brand. Won-Pyo Hong, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics, said, “As more and more businesses

API Design Basics for Micro Service Oriented Architectures

Overview The introduction of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) created a lot of buzz a while back, but then got caught up with some negative connotations as is was associated with big and heavy enterprise processes. Micro services are the current hot trend. I will not delve into definitions and differences