March 25, 2015

Apple Buys FoundationDB

Apple has purchased NoSQL database vendor FoundationDB. The forty-person startup offered both a community and a commercial version of its database, but downloads of those databases are no longer available through the company’s website or GitHub. That could leave developers currently using the database in a difficult position. The company

Joyent Debuts Triton Tool for Docker

Joyent has launched a new containerization tool called Triton that it says will simplify the deployment and management of Docker containers. It includes Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure (a Docker engine), the container hypervisor, and a portal. It also incorporates Joyent’s SmartOS open source solution. Triton comes in two versions: an

Introduction to Internal DSLs in Scala

Introduction A domain-specific language (DSL) is a language that you design with a specific domain in mind. There are two types of domain-specific languages (DSLs): external and internal. The former implicates???in the simplest case???parsing a string into the programming language syntax. The latter, on the other hand, involves implementing a