March 31, 2015

Why APIs Are Critical for IoT Success

With all the buzz surrounding IoT, it’s fair to assert we are in the midst of another shift in computing. Enabled by cheaper hardware and elastic cloud based services, we have built massive scale systems spanning from the smallest micro controllers to “unlimited” storage and compute power in the back

HP Debuts AppPulse Mobile, Updates Enterprise Mobile Development Tools

HP is rolling out one new tool for enterprise mobile development teams and releasing updates for several others. The new tool is called HP AppPulse Mobile, and it leverages the HP Haven big data platform to help organizations analyze how their apps are performing. It uses a “FunDex” to quantify

IBM Invests $3 Billion in IoT Business Unit

IBM has announced that it will spend $3 billion over the next four years on a new Internet of Things (IoT) initiative. The company is creating a new business unit that will offer three cloud-based services for IoT: IoT Cloud Open Platform for Industries, which will offer analytics and industry