May 19, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Contribute to Open Source Projects

The open source movement is important and your company really should be part of it. This is true for altruistic concerns, as well as business reasons. There are two primary ways you can contribute to open source???by contributing to existing open source project and by open sourcing some of your

Red Hat Debuts Cloud Suite for Applications

Red Hat has launched a Cloud Suite for Applications, a full cloud computing stack for enterprises. “We believe it’s the first fully open-source, full stack of cloud offerings built on top of essentially all existing Red Hat technologies ? so we’re not inventing any new technologies. But what’s new is

Google Compute Engine: 30% Price Cut and New Pre-emptible VMs

Google has made two announcements related to its cloud computing services. First, it announced another price cut for Compute Engine. The price reductions range between 5 percent and 30 percent, depending on the instance type, and they are available to customers in North America, Europe and Asia. Second, the company