September 8, 2015

Create Real Time Charts and Maps with Project EON

PubNub is a global data stream network, providing real-time communication for IoT, mobile and web. It has a wide series of solutions for most common use cases in event and data stream needs ranging from home automation, device signalling, to wearables, geolocation and financial data streaming. Recently the company produced an

Did Oracle Lay Off All Its Java Evangelists?

Although Oracle has not confirmed the reports, people posting to Twitter and Reddit claim that Oracle has eliminated the positions of its entire staff of Java evangelists. One Tweet said, “Unsettling event at Oracle. All of the Java evangelists have been let go. Sad this happened to a great dedicated

Microsoft Buys Cloud Security Vendor Adallom

Microsoft has confirmed reports that it will purchase Adallom, a cloud computing security vendor headquartered in Israel. Industry watchers peg the value of the deal between $250 million and $320 million. Adallom’s service promises to protect corporate data no matter where it resides. According to a Microsoft blog post, it