December 23, 2015

Oracle Buys StackEngine, Builds Cloud Computing Facility in Austin

Oracle has confirmed that it recently acquired StackEngine, a startup focused on containerization and DevOps. It said that StackEngine employees will be joining Oracle’s public cloud computing team. In addition, Oracle revealed plans to construct a new cloud computing campus in Austin, Texas, where StackEngine was based. The facility will

The Evolution of Config Files from INI to TOML

Configuration files (a.k.a config) are files that contain different options that programs can read and let you control the operation of the program without making code changes. Back in the 1990s Windows programs used the INI format. The file contained sections and each section contained key value pairs. The INI

Comparing Analytics Platforms: Azure vs. AWS

With the leading cloud providers now racing against time to complete their offerings in the analytics space, enterprises are spoilt for choice. Not only are there many offerings to choose from between the leading providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, but in some cases, the stack of