April 11, 2016

Create High Performance Parallel Processing Jobs Using Azure Batch Services

The Azure Batch?service is now available for general use. It is a fully managed service hosted in Azure that lets you configure scheduled jobs and supports performing compute resource management for other cloud based services. It is a turnkey solution for running large scale High Performance Computing (HPC) applications in

IDC: Cloud Computing Spending to Increase 18.9% in 2016

Market research firm IDC is forecasting that enterprise spending on cloud computing infrastructure spending will climb 18.9 percent to reach $38.2 billion this year. Private cloud infrastructure sales will likely be worth $13.9 billion, and public cloud vendors will likely spend $24.4 billion on infrastructure. Through 2020, the firm estimates

Prevent Shutdown from a C# App

It is possible to prevent a system shutdown from within your C# apps. Basically the premise is as follows: Override the WndProc event so that when a system shutdown event gets fired onto your app, block it with a messagebox saying: ‘Hey! I’m still working over here!’ The code is