June 22, 2016

IBM Bluemix Adds OpenWhisk IoT Tools

IBM’s Bluemix cloud development platform is rolling out a new set of tools for developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Called NPM Module and Node-RED, the new tools are part of the OpenWhisk family, which uses Docker containers. The tools are said to enable developers to build IoT applications easily

Reading a File Backwards Quickly in C#

The classes in .NET are structured to read files from the beginning to end. Hard drives are structured like that, sometimes though there is a dire need to read a file (commonly a large file) from the end up, just to see if there are new lines of data. This

Text Rendering with Xamarin

One of the most important aspects of mobile programming is displaying text on the screen. The relatively limited real estate of the mobile phone means that in order to provide a superb user experience, you have to consider very carefully how much information to present to the user in each