September 20, 2016

IBM Unveils New Hybrid Cloud Computing Offerings

At its Edge 2016 conference, IBM made several announcements related to hybrid cloud computing. For developers, the company unveiled new z Systems services for IBM Cloud with Operational Insights for analytics and continuous bench-marking, which allow developers without mainframe experience to create data-driven applications for the platform. IBM also launched

Google Buys API.AI

Google has announced the purchase of API.AI, a startup that makes chatbot development tools. API.AI’s particular areas of artificial intelligence expertise involve speech recognition, intent recognition and context management. Currently, more than 60,000 developers have used API.AI’s tools, and it has processed more than 3 billion API requests. It supports

Thread Dump Analysis Pattern

Threads in ‘runnable’ state consume CPU. So when you are analyzing thread dumps for high CPU consumption, threads in ‘runnable’ state should be thoroughly reviewed. Typically, in thread dumps several threads are classified in ‘RUNNABLE’ state. But in reality several of them wouldn’t be actually running, rather they would be