October 18, 2016

Report: Buggy Java Components Leaving Enterprise Applications Insecure

Security vendor Veracode has released a new report which says that 97 percent of enterprise Java apps use at least one open source component with a known vulnerability. The most common is a vulnerable version of a component called Apache Commons Collections, which was in 25 percent of the applications

AWS Adds Ohio Region

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added another region for its cloud computing services. With the US East (Ohio) Region, AWS now has 14 separate regions. The Ohio region will offer all the core AWS cloud computing services, and because it is so close to the Virginia region, customers will be

Global Day of Code Retreat

Hey guys, FINALLY San Francisco has a Global Day of Code Retreat! It’s being hosted this Saturday in the Financial District: http://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Software-Craftsmanship/events/234610700/

API Resource group

Anyone working with open API’s or working through your API strategy…may want to check out RAML. Here’s a group that does regular talks on it by the same folks who authored the spec. http://www.meetup.com/RAML-Meetup-San-Francisco-Bay-Area/